T2 Recipes

Here is a little list of all the T2 recipes I’ve tried, loved, like, loathed and had so much I peed like a champion race-horse.

Strawberries & Cream + Green Sencha 

Ratio:  1-1
Strawberries & Cream is the dominant flavour, but this is a really nice and amazing.

Crème Brulee + Terrific Toffee

Ratio:  1-1
It’s like the caramel nutty amazing thing, that you just can’t stop

Adelaide Breakfast + Just rose

Ratio:  1-1
Adelaide Breakfast is such a soft flavour and adding rose to it just give it this beautiful smell and taste.

Sencha Mango + Turkish Apple

Ratio:  2-1
Turkish apple is sweetener of T2 apple flavour, so the Sencha Mango is the stronger Flavour however it is extra sweet now.

Just Rose + Turkish Apple

Ratio:  1-1
Delicious with a very perfumed aroma.

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