So I recently started here again, back to an old love. I just couldn’t find the time previously to blog and there are many excuses work, uni and really writing isn’t one of my passions. (I’m actually a terrible writer)

Blogging has changed a lot over years, the rise of Instagram and many bloggers creating content for the grams rather than their actual blogs plus more bloggers making YouTube videos. It feels like the written blog is dying, like physical books. And look I plan to also YouTube and one day if i’m lucky enough I would love to podcast.

However I’m a firm believer in “you need a home on the internet”. YouTube, Instagram and twitter aren’t homes, your really just renting space there.

I’m not trying to say that you have to blog, or YouTube or get those sweet sweet like on your grams. I just wanted to say you do you, whether that be writing blogs, video or photos. Do what makes you happy!



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